Mamod  Polishing Machine - Boxed c1960 - Model Steam
Mamod RS2 Live steam Train set - 1980 - Model Steam
Mamod SL1K 0-4-0 Locomotive - Gauge 1 - Model Steam
Wilesco D45 Stationary Steam Engine - boxed - Model Steam
Burnac  Vertical Steam Engine - Model Steam
Mamod SE3  Stationary Engine - c1970 - Model Steam
Mamod RW3 RW3 - O Gauge - Guards Van  - Model Steam
Wilesco M60 Hack Saw - Boxed - Model Steam

SEL 1540 Stationary Steam Engine - Model Steam
SEL 1540
Mamods & other steam toys - Specialising in the older models - Model Steam

Luton Bowman PW203 Stationary Engine c1949 - Model Steam
Luton Bowman PW203

This item is Sold


Stationary Steam Engine

With Dynamo

Made in 2002

Mamod model number

Mamod SA1 Steering Rod for Steam Roadster- Original - Model Steam
Mamod SA1

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Mamod SR1 Steam Roller c1962 - Model Steam
Mamod SR1


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